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Disappointed with your Reporting & Analytics Insights after your ERP implementation? You are not alone.

Often companies have a tough time getting right management reports and Analytical insights after an ERP implementation with a Microsoft or SAP ERP Solution.

Even getting their core figures out of the new ERP can become a struggle! Let alone, connecting data & reporting from this new ERP to their historical data sets.

As a consequence, people lose confidence in spreadsheet-based reporting, hesitate to act on data, and are disappointed with the investment made in the ERP system.

Eventually, their company risks ending up in what we could call a "disconnected report culture of manually-produced Excel spreadsheets"
Is your company also struggling to make such informed decisions based on your data, despite the investments made in your new ERP?

Time to act! 

Time to discover what Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" can do for you, your company, your users and your professional decisions.

Because we can set up a best-practice Data Warehousing solution, with the right functional dimensions and metrics, with market-leading Power BI as front-end in a matter of some working days.

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