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Production and Manufacturing

The Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" module for Production and Manufacturing provides a comprehensive view of the production process, allowing organizations to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)production output, quality, and downtime. With this module, manufacturers can identify bottlenecks in the production line and take corrective actions to eliminate scrap, wasted time, and resources. By leveraging the insights provided by the Power BI module, manufacturers can make data-driven decisions that optimize their production processes, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" Production Analytics Module

Understanding the intricacies of production processes is a vital aspect of success for any manufacturing organization. It enables them to pinpoint areas that need improvement and streamline their operations for maximum efficiency.

The Production module offers answers to questions like:

  • What is the rate at which products are manufactured?

  • How is equipment availability measured, and what is the significance of tracking equipment uptime?

  • What is the proportion of products that meet the specified quality standards, and what is the proportion of scrapped or rejected products?

  • What is the total cost of running the facility or the machines, including all variable costs like material, labor, energy, and overhead?


The Production module, linked to Inventory and Project management, enables your company to follow and control your whole production life cycle.


With our Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" solution, you can follow the progress of specific Projects and update your Inventory with the new products made!

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