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Good insights into service orders and scheduled/unscheduled visits are vital for efficient service delivery! It helps service providers track the services provided to a particular customer, the resources used during the service visit, and the expenses related to the service or repair.


With Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" for Service, you have the power to manage and analyze your service delivery like never before. Gain valuable insights into service agreements and subscriptions, easily handle customer inquiries, and track your services' delivery like a pro. Keep track of resources used during a typical service visit and view how those resources are invoiced to the customer using service agreements. 

Power BI "Out-of-the-Box" Service Analytics Module

In this module:

  • Insights into service invoices and orders

  • Time to complete service order: this measures the amount of time it takes for a service order to be completed, from the time it is received to the time it is closed

  • The most important dimensions are customers, date, location, etc.

Overall, this module will help you boost your customer service and loyalty, contributing to the growth of your business!

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