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Use of the Website

Use of the website is subject to the following terms and conditions. You are deemed to have taken cognisance thereof and to accept the general terms and conditions without reservation.

Purpose of the website

The website contains information on the general organisation of and the services offered by the element61 offices in Belgium. Our website also contains case-based content for informational purposes for visitors to the website. The website aims to offer simple, fast and improved access to the information that is available in this field, while it also contains links to other websites that belong to other companies, government services or institutions that make information available. These companies, government services and institutions are responsible for the information contained on their websites. All the information contained on our website is of a general nature, unless expressly stated otherwise.

The information is not specifically tailored to a person or entity, and it cannot be considered as personal, professional or legal advice or the equivalent thereof. In order to obtain specific or personal advice, please consult the relevant departments of the competent level of government or specialist professionals or companies for professional advice. Any information, documents and/or legislative texts available on or via the website cannot be deemed to be officially certified texts. Only those texts that are published in the Belgian Official Journal or the Official Journal of the European Union are deemed to be officially certified and take precedence. The content of this website (including hyperlinks) can be modified, changed, supplemented or removed at any time without prior notice for the purpose of updating it according to the latest developments and the applicable legislation.

Use of & access to the website

element61 devotes much attention and care to the website and endeavours to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and current as possible. In spite of this, the world is continuously shifting and element61 is unable to guarantee that the information made available will always be complete, correct, accurate or up to date. If the information available on (or via) the website is defective, element61 shall do everything in its power to rectify it as soon as possible. Should you find any inaccuracies, please inform us by email at

While element61 works hard to prevent any interruptions of a technical nature, it cannot guarantee that there will be no disruptions whatsoever or any technical issues with respect to the website. element61 cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that results from the use of the website or the information made available on the website, including and without limitation all losses, work interruptions, damage to your software or other data on the computer system, or to your hardware or software.

Protection of personal data

Insofar as personal information is requested, element61 undertakes to handle this data in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. element61 undertakes to in any event only use such data for the purpose for which it was requested and not to release it to third parties. element61 engages the best possible security measures in this respect so as to prevent third party-abuse of your personal data.

Hyperlinks & references

Hyperlinks and links on or via the website refer you to other websites that belong to government departments, entities or companies, and also refer you to information sources that are managed by third parties. element61 has no control over either the technical aspects or the contents thereof and is consequently unable to provide any guarantee in respect of the completeness or accuracy of the content, nor of the availability of these websites and information sources. The hyperlinks to other sites contained on this website in no sense attest to these external sites or their contents. The links are presented for informational purposes and for your ease of use. element61 thus accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from consulting or using these external websites or their contents.

Intellectual property rights

You have the right to consult, download and reproduce the information available on this website for personal use, provided that you state the source thereof, in accordance with the provisions set down in Book XI ‘Intellectual Property’ of the Code of Economic Law. However, this permission does not apply to texts for which explicit restrictions to use are stated. element61 retains all intellectual property rights to the website itself and the information made available on it.

Should you wish to make commercial use of the information on this website or if you wish to disseminate this information to the public, then you are required to ask permission. You can request permission by email ( State what information you wish to use and for what purpose in your request. If permission is granted, it will always be free of charge.


All comments or material that you submit to element61 unsolicited and at your own initiative, including the information or responses concerning the content of this website, are deemed to be non-confidential. element61 rejects any obligation concerning the outcomes of the general responses and information. element61 may use the responses and information as it sees fit, subject to those restrictions determined in the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, as intermittently amended. You consent to element61 being able to use the ideas, concepts, knowledge and techniques contained in your responses for any purpose whatsoever, inter alia the development and conceiving of new services.


We engage all useful measures for the physical and logical security of our website, but are not able to guarantee total security. By consulting our website you acknowledge that no single system or procedure can completely preclude such risks and you accept the risks inherently bound hereto. You are responsible for protecting your own systems and interests in respect of all forms of electronic communication and/or internet traffic. We cannot be held liable for any loss, error or negligence, irrespective of the form, whether on contractual or criminal (including negligence) grounds, that are the result of or related to consulting our website.


This online agreement and all disputes and claims that arise from the use of this website or any information contained on this website are subject to Belgian law. By consulting this website you are subject to the legal system of the Belgian courts and you accept that all suits shall be brought before these courts. All disputes fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.

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